Larry and Mindy

Larry & Mindy at YOUR PARTY
Singing the Beloved Hits
of the 60’s and 70’s

in acoustic, harmonious renditions
interspersed with
delightful background stories

Would you like to see a little bit of our show?


Dear Larry and Mindy, 

Just wanted to thank you again for last night.  A friend who was there told me that when I announced for everyone to line up the chairs in rows for a musical performance, there was some reticence and "oh, brother"-ing. But, that quickly faded after you began to sing together.  Everyone enjoyed the songs you chose and the stories in-between and your musical talent (we've been getting calls all day).  I wanted to thank you especially for including the Carpenters songs -- I think it was a welcome addition to the other great 60s and 70s artists.

So, as I said to you, your performance made the party really special, as I was so sure it would!  Hope we will meet up again sometime soon.

Dinah and Mannie



To Larry and Mindy,


We wanted to thank you once again for your incomparable contribution to the success of our anniversary celebration. The music was well chosen and your personalization of the presentation was a really nice added touch!  All our friends and family came away full of praise for you both---and smiling!  And what could be better than that!


May you go from strength to strength...


In friendship,

Sue and Bob



Dear Larry and Mindy,


All weekend people have been saying how much they enjoyed your performance!  You have to understand that the kibbutz crowd is really tough.  First of all, they criticize... and I haven't heard one negative word.  Secondly, they never join in with the performers - and you had the crowd, only a few of whom were native English speakers, singing along with you.  And third, they were begging you to continue singing!  All factors unheard of in my long kibbutz experience and exclusively due to your wonderful performance and your ability to connect with your audience.


So thank you both once again for a marvelous evening!  Mindy's rendition of "Killing Me Softly" was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. I really appreciated the fact that you created a program to fit the theme of the evening.


Best of luck to you both and I hope to "hear" from you again and again.


Kibbutz Hatzor


Larry and Mindy

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Larry & Mindy